IRIS Certification - Getting Started

First Steps

In order to get started with IRIS certification please first review the IRIS Standard, the IRIS General Requirements, and other documents and tools on this site.

Before proceeding with an application, you must first conduct a self-assessment of your own operations against the IRIS Standard using the standardized self-assessment tool.

Once you are prepared, please go through the application process.

Additional Tools and Resources

ICCR: Best Practice Guidance on Ethical Recruitment of Migrant Workers

ILO: General Principles and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment


Dhaka Principles for Migration with Dignity

Employment & Recruitment Agencies Sector Guide on Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Fees and IDs: Tackling recruitment fees and confiscation of workers’ passports

Stronger Together: Employer Resources

US Federal Acquisition Regulation: Definition of “Recruitment Fees”

Verité: Fair Hiring Toolkit

World Employment Confederation: Defining the Business Case: Ethical Recruitment


Before proceeding with an application, you may consider contacting your local IOM office and seeing if there is capacity building available in your location.

IOM Country Offices